About Us

Foxtons Security Ltd is a specialist security and facilities company based in South East london.
We have been in Security management business for nearly 20 years spanning from our old name Chase St Helens Security Ltd.
We provide SIA Licensed security guards and also provide uniformed security personnel for commercial and private guarding. We carry out Emergency covers and 24-hour security service round the clock.
Furthermore, Foxtons Security Ltd  provides a comprehensive and integral high-quality security service. Our Directors and Managers have acquired a combined security experience of over 50 years and their expertise are being used by Foxtons Security Ltd to provide our clients with a first class service.
At our Head Office at Crown House, Nathan Way we have different operational departments including our state-of-art Control Room where operational controls are implemented.
We are an equal opportunity employer, we employ all nationalities and sexual orientation. 80% of our employees are recruited from a pool of Ex-Serviceman and Ex-Forces whose experience are being translated into an efficient and professional service to our varous clients. 
Our clients are drawn from all walks of life, from Commercial, Private and Goverment Departments.